I was treated by Shiv (North Kildare Homeopathy) for my problems with liver.
Altho I live in Croatia and she lives in Ireland there was no problem in communication during treatment and no problem with remedies being delivered via post. She was extremely professional, truly warm and engaging changing my treatment as she saw fit depending how I felt at the moment. I felt much better and at the end of treatment and my tests showed that my liver was better than years before.
As it was extreme pleasure cooperating with North Kildare Homeopathy/Shiv I would highly recommend her for a treatment as I have done so in past numerous times to my friends and acquaintances

-Nina Bacun ex Lebarovic, Croatia.

The remedies I’ve received from Kildare Homeopathy have been wonderful. Over the past couple of years I have been in situations where I’ve really felt like I was sinking without a trace. After some online consultations and Skype chats Siobhan sent me some remedies that helped to ground me emotionally and physically. With her help I was able to stop sinking, touch bottom and then make my way back to the surface again. Her remedies helped me get a sense of having the right armour to get through the day instead of feeling so thin-skinned all the time. I can’t thank her enough

-Sandra Wright, Perth Australia

I had never worked with a homeopath before I met Siobhan though I am a firm believer in natural medicine. Working with Siobhan over skype is a wonder! She has been able to help my daughter overcome troublesome allergies, suggested remedies for headache and body aches and has helped me with a thyroid concern. I am most grateful for the compassionate and thorough care she gave me when I was suffering from a deep depression and anxiety after personal trauma. I truly believe I would not be here if it wasn’t for Siobháns care. She is a marvel.

-Autumn Barowski, Ogden Utah

Siobhán worked with me to develop treatments for my constant headaches and to manage effects of stress and depression. She not only worked to help my more chronic conditions, which improved greatly, but also created remedies for those especially hectic days with my “happy water” to bust any stressors that might attack my day. Siobhán was also a tremendous help with my dog who had chronic ear infections. She suggested remedies which might help and, his ears cleared up dramatically. She truly helps, and I still love my happy water.

-Shannon Helton Oklahoma City, US

I visited Siobhan with my 5 year old boy who was having trouble going to sleep at night. He was very clingy at night, he would keep calling looking for hugs and cuddles, getting in and out of the bed looking for someone to sleep with him, he would do anything but lie down in his bed and close his eyes. He would constantly mention he was afraid of monsters. It was as if he was afraid to close his eyes at night and go to sleep. Bedtime was a nightmare and it was affecting the whole family.

Siobhan met with my little boy and I. She recommended some drops for him which I gave to him for a few weeks initially. After our second visit at which she recommended some extra drops I began to notice a huge improvement in by little boys bed time routine. He was so much calmer and content. The constant calling and getting out of bed disappeared. He now plays for a while in his room after his story but he is happy to lie down in his bed when he is ready, close his eyes and go to sleep. The fear and anxiety of going to sleep is gone.

-Niamh, Co Kildare.

Can not recommend Siobhán enough.
My son was taking a lot of pain killers for his condition which really worried me. With Siobhán’s help he no longer needs to take ANY painkillers. I am one happy Mammy. Thank you

Gemma, Co Dublin